Minggu, 07 Desember 2014

SpaceX for Farmers to Sent to Space

Space flight services company, SpaceX, founded in 2002 by former PayPal entrepreneur, Elon Musk, announced it is looking for farmers to follow the space shuttle flights.

According to the company, the farmers who are knowledgeable about how to drive a tractor engine, as well as understand how to spray insecticides Pesticides can be comfortably browse the crew to space, especially on the way to Mars, as quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (12/02/2014) .

US government agencies that address the problem space, NASA, SpaceX revealed that the company is currently looking for a candidate who is not unusual to help cultivate 900 hectares of area for Rocket Development and Test Facility in space.

SpaceX has actually employ as many as 4,000 of the best and brightest employees, including the Rockets scientists and physicists. The company also has been noted as the first private company which successfully flew into space, and also managed to put a rocket in one orbit in space.

No half-hearted, on this plan the company announced in American advertising media. In the published ads, SpaceX wrote, "We do not like not most companies," which is followed by the phrase, "Our goal is to do what has never been done and allow humans to live on another planet. We push the boundaries of what is currently possible and hope there are rare individuals to help us do this could happen, "wrote SpaceX in one advertising medium America.